About me

I am basically from the engineering field that is too civil engineering. I have taken this department in my own interest. Initially, for one year, I was working 18k per month after 1 year I did M.E in water resources at CEG Campus, Anna University, Chennai.

I have joined as an assistant professor in one of the engineering colleges located at Pondicherry. I have been working for 2 years in the teaching field. I don’t see any improvement in my life for these 2 years. I did routine work on the daily process.

I left the college job and by word on mouth from my sister, I started learning digital marketing from the internet. It was interesting day by day. I have referred to Ankur Agarwal videos, Google Digital Unlocked, and Simplilearn. I have attended a free webinar from digital Deepak. I have learned a lot from a free webinar. I started working on those concepts in practice.

I initiated writing an article in the blog and posted those articles in my Whatsapp status. I have earned some followers from my friends and students. I was so happy to see that 27 followers on my website. Since that time I was so interested in digital marketing. This is one of the fields we can do freelancing without any computer language because basically, I am from a civil engineering background.

I want to become a digital marketing expert with all the concepts that should be at my fingertips and also increase traffic to my website. I want to earn money from affiliate marketing through ads. Initially, I want to work in a company so that I can understand the methodology in practice. After 2 years, I want to do freelancing as a digital marketing agency to deal with 5 or 6 clients to earn better than the company salary. After 4 or 5 years, I want to earn at least 2lakh per month by doing freelancing and also to take care of my baby girl.